Spring Postcard

I’ve had quite a few freelance projects recently that have kept me from posting. I took a break from it all though to create a postcard to thank a few special people. This spring inspired design is fresh, whimsical and was so much fun to create!



The Colour of Love

The deadline for the latest Tigerprint design competition is nearly here and I just finished up my entries! The design brief asked that a love themed surface pattern collection be created with an exciting new color palette. I used the shape of a heart as my initial building blockĀ  and my patterns grew from there. Next I worked on some typography that would become the centerpiece of the greeting card I created to compliment the other 4 patterns.







Baby Fish

Here are some adorable baby announcements I just finished designing for a co-worker. A complimenting gender reveal scratch-off game was also part of this project. I used a combination of techniques to create these fanciful illustrations. I vectorized my hand drawn sketches and added a subtle texture at the end to add a little dimension. I’m really happy with the way these turned out!


Promotional Design

I just finished working on a very fun freelance project for a local printer. I created whimsical illustrations and hand drawn typography to promote the business and its services. These designs included desk decals along with large scale wall decals and graphics to be applied to their delivery van. I can’t wait to see this van driving around town!



African Inspired Textiles


I was super excited to see one of my designs mentioned on theĀ Spoonflower blog as one of their favorite African Inspired textiles in honor of Black History Month.

I had a lot of fun creating this and I’m glad to see others are enjoying it as well. I was inspired to create this when I was working on a project where I was scanning and color adjusting actual canvases painted by San artists of the Kuru Art Project in Botswana. The colors and shapes of the paintings were so expressive and vibrant that I couldn’t help but create some of my own.

Paisley Petals

I took advantage of the snowy weather this week and used it as an opportunity to finish up my paisley collection. While the outside was quickly being covered in a blanket of white I spent the day experimenting with color combinations and designing repeats to accent the primary pattern of the collection.

I am really happy with they way the collection turned out especially since it almost seemed to appear out of nowhere. I was sketching with completely different idea in mind and all of a sudden I found beautiful paisleys pouring out of my pencil. In response to these adventitious drawings I put my former idea aside and began to develop my paisley sketches further. After developing the main print, which I posted earlier I was able to utilize elements from that design to create a cohesive range of coordinates.

Paisley Petals

Paisley Pattern

I’m trying to combat this crazy cold weather by snuggling as close to my Mac as I can get. It’s easy to see that I’ve got spring on my mind with my current project featuring a fresh paisley design highlighted by a warm bright palette. Below are some sketches and a more final design that I finished off in Illustrator.